David Wisniewski

Data Scientist. Cognitive Neuroscientist.

Ghent University

Dept of Exp Psychology

Henri Dunantlaan 2, 9000 Ghent, Belgium

My research focused on the neural basis of cognitive control and intentional action, how task-relevant information is represented in the brain, and how such representations change under varying demands. To investigate these issues, I combined functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), machine learning tools such as multivariate decoding and representational similarity analysis, and computational modelling techniques.

I also have a keen interest in laypeople‚Äôs views on free will (‚ÄúDo you think free will exists?‚ÄĚ), whether (dis)believing in free will affects our behavior, and how beliefs and attitudes towards free will are related.

I firmly believe in open and reproducible science, and in my quest to live up to these ideals I made my research process as transparent as I can, and shared the data and code I produced (some of which you can find here).

To get in touch, just write me an email, david(dot)wisniewski(at)ugent(dot)be, or find your preferred platform at the bottom of this page.

selected publications

  1. Preprint
    Adaptive coding of stimulus information in human fronto-parietal cortex during visual classification
    Wisniewski, David, González-García, Carlos, Formica, Silvia, Woolgar, Alexandra, and Brass, Marcel
  2. RSOS
    Relating free will beliefs and attitudes
    Wisniewski, David, Cracco, Emiel, González-García, Carlos, and Brass, Marcel
    Royal Society Open Science Feb 2022
  3. Sci Rep
    Outcome contingency selectively affects the neural coding of outcomes but not of tasks
    Wisniewski, David, Forstmann, Birte, and Brass, Marcel
    Scientific Reports Dec 2019