1. Preprint
    Adaptive coding of stimulus information in human fronto-parietal cortex during visual classification
    Wisniewski, David, González-García, Carlos, Formica, Silvia, Woolgar, Alexandra, and Brass, Marcel
  2. Reg Report
    The impact of free will beliefs on implicit learning
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  3. Preprint
    Meta-analysis on belief in free will manipulations
    Genschow, Oliver, Cracco, Emiel, Schneider, Jana, Protzko, John,  Wisniewski, David, Brass, Marcel, and Schooler, Jonathan


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    Relating free will beliefs and attitudes
    Wisniewski, David, Cracco, Emiel, González-García, Carlos, and Brass, Marcel
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    The Representations of Chinese Characters: Evidence from Sublexical Components
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    Dynamic computation of value signals via a common neural network in multi-attribute decision-making
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    Neural response to aggressive and positive interactions in violent offenders and nonviolent individuals
    Taubner, Svenja, Hauschild, Sophie,  Wisniewski, David, Wolter, Silke, Roth, Gerhard, and Fehr, Thorsten
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  3. NeuroImage
    Frontoparietal action-oriented codes support novel instruction implementation
    González-García, Carlos, Formica, Silvia,  Wisniewski, David, and Brass, Marcel
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    The contribution of phonological information to visual word recognition: Evidence from Chinese phonetic radicals
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    Shared Neural Representations of Cognitive Conflict and Negative Affect in the Medial Frontal Cortex
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  3. RSOS
    Cultural pressure and biased responding in free will attitudes
    Cracco, Emiel, González-García, Carlos, Hussey, Ian, Braem, Senne, and Wisniewski, David
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  4. NeuroImage
    Are all behavioral reward benefits created equally? An EEG-fMRI study
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  5. Acta Psychol
    Investigating the effect of trustworthiness on instruction-based reflexivity
    Biest, Mathias, Cracco, Emiel,  Wisniewski, David, Brass, Marcel, and González-García, Carlos
    Acta Psychologica Jun 2020
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    Variability in the analysis of a single neuroimaging dataset by many teams
    Botvinik-Nezer, Rotem, Holzmeister, Felix, Camerer, Colin ...,  Wisniewski, David, ... Nichols, Thomas E., Poldrack, Russell A., and Schonberg, Tom
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    Outcome contingency selectively affects the neural coding of outcomes but not of tasks
    Wisniewski, David, Forstmann, Birte, and Brass, Marcel
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    Free will beliefs are better predicted by dualism than determinism beliefs across different cultures
    Wisniewski, David, Deutschländer, Robert, and Haynes, John-Dylan
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    Anticipating the good and the bad: A study on the neural correlates of bivalent emotion anticipation and their malleability via attentional deployment
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    Regulating Craving by Anticipating Positive and Negative Outcomes: A Multivariate Pattern Analysis and Network Connectivity Approach
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    Context-Dependence and Context-Invariance in the Neural Coding of Intentional Action
    Wisniewski, David
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    An examination of refreshing in between-category sequences: Refreshing in between-category sequences
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    Similar coding of freely chosen and externally cued intentions in a fronto-parietal network
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    The neural correlates of intentional control
    Wisniewski, David
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    Automatic processing of political preferences in the human brain
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