You can find some of the code I (co)developed here.

behavioral tasks

Scripts which might help you set up a behavioral experiment.

CATegorization task

In this task, participants classify morphed images of cats and dogs. We used it here previously. You can run the task on a server and acquire data online.

Code in jsPych


If you want to present questionnaires in your PsychoPy experiment, you can use this code as a platform. It already contains a few quesionnaires to start with, but can be easily expanded.

Code in Python / PsychoPy


Helper functions / example scripts to set up your fMRI analysis, from prepprocessing to multivariate analyses.

scanner interface

This PsychoPy script interfaces with a MR scanner via a serial port. It lets your experiment wait for the first scanner pulse to arrive and synchronize the Experiment and MRI acquisition. In principle, it should work for any MR scanner that connects to the presentation PC via a serial port.

Code in Python / PsychoPy


This script offers a simple, modular way to preprocess fMRI data. It has been written with the scanner parameters of the Siemens Prisma in mind, but can be easily adapted.

Code in Matlab / SPM12

ROI definition

If you need to extract ROI masks automatically, you can use this small Matlab script. It takes the Human Connectome Atlas and lets you extract and save (as .nii) any mask you want from it. The script also allows you to dilate and/or combine masks easily.

Code in Matlab / SPM12

RSA analysis

This script will help you set up your ROI-based representational similarity analysis using Matlab. You can easily adapt it to your needs.

Code in Matlab / SPM12 / TheDecodingToolbox